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elements of the improvement areas and roads

elements of buildings and structures


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Rolled metal, reinforced concrete, flagstones, fencing elements

Commercial - Industrial Holding Ltd. "Stroymetall" in Moscow offers metal, concrete products, paving tiles, fencing elements etc. Working in the market of concrete and metal products since 1998, we have earned a reputation as a stable and reliable partner of the company. Our regular customers include leading construction companies, as well as companies whose sphere of activity is an improvement, housing - communal services, etc.

Through the delivery metal, concrete products, paving tiles, fencing elements, we are not resting on our laurels and are constantly developing, expanding the product range offered by us. To date, our trade - industrial holding company has:

  • Metal-: fittings, wire rods, galvanized and corrugated sheets, plates x / r and r / k, masonry and road network, wire knitting, pipe and profile of AIV, corner, etc.;
  • Elements of engineering services: wells, rings Pit, components for manholes, hatches and grates dozhdepriemnye, collectors, and of heating elements, trays and covers, drain gratings;
  • Elements of buildings and structures: slabs PC, reinforced concrete fence, piles, steps, stairs, bridges, bolts, beams, wall panels, brick;
  • Elements of territorial development and roads, road slabs, curbs, paving tiles, benches, tables, flower pots, urns, fences, elements of fencing, light poles;
  • Aggregates and related construction materials: gravel, sand, cement and dry mix, ready-mixed concrete.

Implementing metal, concrete products, paving tiles, fencing elements Our company adheres to the cardinal rule - Careful work with each client. This includes not only the quality of service, and adherence to adequate pricing policies, especially for what we have developed the current system of discounts for our regular partners. Also, in our work we focus on long-term cooperation, not one-off sales, which directly points to the seriousness of our business.

Engaged in the distribution and supply metal, concrete products, paving tiles, fencing elements and so on, we can confidently say that the cooperation with our holding will allow you to run your business consistently. Reasonable prices, an ever-expanding range of products, prompt preparation and execution of applications, favorable terms of delivery, competent managers - all the mandatory conditions of our work.

Implementing metal, concrete products, paving tiles, fencing elements and so forth, and trade - Production Holding Company "Stroymetall" invites you to mutually beneficial cooperation construction companies. Cooperating with us, you will learn what a real service! If you have any questions, please call the phone numbers listed under "Contact Us".